Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor is a blog and monthly podcast covering a number of issues, including, but not limited to: faith, ministry, politics, humor, art, literature, music, coffee and, of course, beer.

Each episode, The Beer Pastor, will invite a guest to enjoy a beverage and conversation. The Beer Pastor will choose a beverage that he believes will be a good match for the guest and the topic of conversation.

The show is recorded at various locations. Our guests will come from a variety of fields and backgrounds. The goal is to have Christians, atheists, Muslims, agnostics, Jews, gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, conservative, progressive and anything in-between or beyond any category we create. The podcast desires to expose its listeners to a wide variety of thoughts and demonstrate a bit of hope in our diversity.

“Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor” is not attempting to glorify, promote or encourage the consumption of alcohol. I’m a firm believer in moderation, self-control and social responsibility. The reality is that, for some, self-control and social responsibility means abstaining from the use of alcohol. There was a time in my life where I lacked self-control in the area of alcohol consumption. One beer quickly turned into one too many beers. When I began to take my relationship with Jesus seriously, for a time I needed to abstain from the use of alcohol simply because I lacked self-control. I never thought it was wrong for others to responsibly consume alcoholic beverages. As I grew and matured, I was able to practice self-control and enjoy beer in moderation. So, contrary to the belief of some in the Christian subculture, one can enjoy an adult beverage without being a drunken heathen.

Now, I want to be very clear that I fully recognize the power of addiction. If you have a drinking problem (or an addiction to any substance for that matter) I encourage you to get help.

So, again, “Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor” is not trying to convince anyone that they should or should not drink. We do encourage moderation, self-control and social responsibility. And, it’s like my grandmother always said, “Honesty is the best policy.” Too many pastors and Christians try to “hide’ certain practices. We are all for honesty. Some of the deepest theological discussions I’ve experienced have taken place in a pub, over a pint with friends. With all of that, there will be some guests who will drink tea, coffee, root beer, or Coke Zero.

The views expressed on “Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor” do not necessarily represent the views of our host, the United Methodist Church, or any local congregation.

For questions, thoughts, ideas, or to suggests guests for our podcast, contact us at: beer.pastor@gmail.com

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