It’s Oh So Quiet

It’s been “oh so quiet” on the “Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor” blog and podcast. It hasn’t been for a lack of material to discuss and address. It’s been an intentional break to avoid drowning in the cesspool of my own cynical drivel.

So, “Grabbing a Beer with a Pastor” is back from a self-imposed break. There will be weekly (at least) blog posts and monthly podcasts.

Episode 4: Beer to Drink Music To, Politics, and the Appointment Season

On this episode, I talked about Dogfish Head’s “Beer to Drink Music To.” Find out more at the Dogfish Head website.

Then, I got on my soapbox to talk briefly about the political environment of the United States.

I also recommend two books, Shane Claiborne’s Jesus for President and Gutenson and Slaughter’s Hijacked.



Episode 3: New Corner Brewing with Sean & Darrick

On this episode, we talk about brewing and the upcoming expansion of New Corner Brewing Company in Muncie, IN.

We sat down with Sean Brady and Darrick Ayers to learn about their brewing process, their beers, and new things on the horizon.

These guys are making excellent beers. So, if you are in the Muncie area, be sure to stop by the brewery! And, be sure to order a pint wherever New Corner beers are on tap.

The brewery is located at 1900 West Mt. Pleasant Road, Suite G in Muncie, IN.

Like New Corner on Facebook.

Follow New Corner on Twitter.

Check out their website.

Learn about the expansion via the Star Press.


Episode Two: Rebranding with Matt Lipan

On this episode, we welcome Matt Lipan, pastor of Gateway Community Church. Matt is on the leading edge of church rebranding. He will share his story and the story of Gateway. We’ll also talk about beer, music, the Methodist church, and probably some other random stuff too! Be sure to follow Matt on Twitter (@mattlipan) and on his blog, In the Neighborhood of Holy.

We recorded this episode at the Broad Ripple Brewpub. This is one of my “go to” brewpub’s in the great state of Indiana. They offer delicious food, great beer, and a fun environment! Be sure to check them out! The Broad Ripple Brewpub is located at 842 E. 65th Street in Indianapolis.

In this episode, Matt recommends the app “Bands In Town”, which can be found on iTunes and Google Play.

Episode 1: Marketing Ministry with Ryan Gernand

On this episode, our host interviews Ryan Gernand, Senior Manager of Advancement for Impact 2818.

The two will discuss marketing and communication. Gernand will address the goals, audience and medium of communications. He will also stress the importance of peer to peer marketing.

The episode was recorded at The Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, IN.

They enjoy a Wolves Head Brewing Imperial Red IPA.

One particular highlight is when our guest refers to one of his colleagues as being “Bart Simpson aggressive”!

We were sitting near the refrigerators that hold over 300 unique bottles of beer! And, if you listen closely, you might be able to hear a guy at the bar talking about how we are living in an alternate reality and that we are all just figments of some great rulers imagination.